Three former Trump administration Homeland Security officials, including former Secretary Chad Wolf, former Commissioner Mark Morgan and Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli, have joined the prestigious Heritage Foundation as fellows. The three will join a group of conservative experts as members of the Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy, where they will provide advice on various aspects of security and focus on countering threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

With the addition of Wolf, Cuccinelli, and Morgan, Heritage has assembled an all-star team with significant policy expertise on issues related to national security, immigration, and China, Heritage Foundation President Kay C. James said Friday in a statement.

The statement goes on to report that while the Heritage Foundation is already a leading voice on these issues, the new additions will greatly enhance its work. It also highlights in the release the critical moment in the United States with the arrival of President Joe Biden, who seeks to undo many of the gains made by the Trump administration in recent years.

“We are facing an emboldened Biden administration that seeks to undo many of the achievements of the last four years,” James said.

As it transpired, each will work in a think tank identified with the responsibilities they had when they served under former President Donald Trump. All three will in some way be involved in countering the threat posed by China’s communist regime.

Wolf will serve on projects related to national security, the CCP, and its cyberespionage policy, as well as providing insight into the various ways the CCP affects U.S. national security.

“Chad Wolf’s stellar leadership of the Department of Homeland Security during some of the most tumultuous events in our lifetimes was critical to maintaining America’s national security, defending the rule of law, and protecting our people,” James said.

Cuccinelli will focus on immigration and border security issues and advise on lessons learned from his work at the Department of Homeland Security. 

He will also be able to provide insight on immigration programs used and exploited by Chinese nationals and recommendations on what the current administration should do to rein in the Chinese Communist Party, as was done during the Trump administration.

Morgan, who also joins the Heritage team, will bring 30 years of law enforcement experience. He will work advising on border, immigration, and public safety policies, as well as issues related to asylum and the CCP.

The Heritage Foundation, founded in 1973, aims to formulate and promote conservative public policy based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual liberty, traditional American values, and the defense of patriotic nationalism.