A former NYPD who launched the “Proud Pig” brand to help support the families of fallen officers said he has received threats for doing that.

Michael Burke, a retired member of the NYPD and the founder of the brand, said the latest threat came in last weekend after his brand announced it was going to be sending a care package to the officer from Oklahoma who received Starbucks cups labeled “pig” on Thanksgiving.

“We know where you live.  This is your only warning you better lay low cause we got shooters on your house and fam dog.  you won’t even know when we pull up and you won’t even kneo (sic) what hit you on god you got what’s coming son,” the text message reads.

Here is Burke’s announcement :

“I started Proud Pig in late 2016 because I was tired of the false narratives being pushed by the mainstream media and wanna be ‘activists’ like Colin Kaepernick,” said Burke.

“He wore Pig socks to practice and began to further attack the American Police Officer,” Burke said. “The facts are that WE are the most restrained Law Enforcement currently than ever before in our history.”

“These attacks on our law enforcement officers are happening all across the country,” he said. “The media is doing everything in their power to divide us. We wanted to show that the brotherhood is still alive and well. We’re excited to send out some gifts to this officer.”

Despite the threats, Burke did not seem to step back. He said he and his team are used to the threats.

“As far as the threats go, while I will not respond in kind, I will say this,” said Burke.  “I live in the mountains of Pennsylvania.  My entire family is extremely proficient in the use of firearms.  While we don’t look for trouble, we sure will extinguish it quickly and accurately, without hesitation.”

“I am A Proud Pig – Dirty by Design,” said Burke.

Proud Pig has exploded among law enforcement and supporters over the last few years as a favored clothing apparel line for those who support officers and those who hold the Thin Blue Line.

The money earned from selling the products is sent to Brothers Before Others, among other nonprofits. The group, which is active across the country, makes sure that flowers are sent to the funerals of every single police officer and makes sure to have the backs of their fellow officers when they find themselves in a jam—or facing a threat.