A New Mexico town previously occupied by the military from the 19th century is now seeking a new owner for $11 million.

The town has been on sale since Nov. 5, the New York Post reported. With $11 million, the potential owner is promised a property with a profound history. 

The Fort Wingate town east of Gallup was a military base back in 1860. They left the 18-acre complex five decades later. Before becoming a military installation, the fort’s history is intertwined with the late 1800s Indian wars, which pitted American Indian tribes against the U.S. military for control of what would become the western United States, National Park Service detailed.

Surviving through both World War I and World War II, Mark Price of Realty One Group Concierge, who made the listing, told the Post its surroundings boasted a venerable sense.

“Sitting down with the owners and hearing about the Buffalo soldiers and the Navajo code talkers (that graced this land) is what made me take on this project,” Price said. 

“Being in the center of the Wingate, surrounded by Navajo, Zuni, BLM (Bureau of Land Management), BIE, National Forest, and the old fort, which are all within walking distance is what makes this property so unique,” he added.

The listing named an original trading post, post office, gas station, and sprawling parking lot. Across the street are 27 fully occupied residential homes, as well as a repair shop, storage facilities, a café, a convenience store, and a school just 250 feet away.

According to Price, the current owner has been tending to the town for 75 years since 1946. Now the family is looking to explore the rest of the world.

“With all the current rentals and commercial operations in the town, the owner has been managing the town for decades,” Price told the outlet. “He is the fire chief, the police and the landlord. It’s time to pass on the baton.”

According to Price, movie studios are already eyeing the history-enriched place. He said it would be fine if the new owner did not want to retain the residents, but it would be perfect to find someone who would continue the businesses and rentals.

Price said the café and petrol station had to close due to logistical issues when the town was listed on the market while the post office still functions.

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