The Trump administration received a new letter of support, signed by 235 retired U.S. military leaders. The signatories described the upcoming election as “the most important election since our country was founded.”

“As senior leaders of America’s military, we took an oath to defend the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic,” the letter states. “At present, our country is now confronted with enemies here and abroad, as well as a once-in-a-century pandemic. As retired military officers, we believe that Donald J. Trump has been tested as few other presidents have and is the proven leader to confront these dangers.”

The letter sent by the military leaders was published on Monday, Sept. 14, on the official website of Donald Trump Jr.

Signatories include retired Army and Air Force generals and Navy admirals. The former leaders warned of the dangers the United States currently faces in the unprecedented advance of a revolutionary and violent left. They also asserted that President Trump is far better equipped and trained to master the situation than his Democratic opponent Joe Biden.

“After years of neglect from the Obama–Biden Administration, our service members and veterans have finally found a strong advocate in President Trump,” the letter begins. “The Trump Administration has rebuilt the military, completely overhauled the Department of Veterans Affairs, and launched groundbreaking initiatives to assist military families.”

The military was extremely grateful and pleased with the Trump administration’s policies in recent years. They spared no criticism of the Obama–Biden administration, which they described as “debilitating budget cuts, failed foreign policy decisions, and an inability to provide our nation’s heroes with the quality health care they deserve.”

In the letter, the military expressed great concern about the advance of leftist ideology making unprecedented strides in the United States. They suggest that only political will can fight it. They expressed their fears of the possibility that the Democratic Party will again govern the United States. “With the Democratic Party welcoming to socialists and Marxists, our historic way of life is at stake,” the letter says.

According to Fox News, the retired military members also said that the Democratic Party’s positions on border security, immigration, Iran’s nuclear deal, and surveillance also threaten U.S. national security.

The military’s letter of support comes 10 days after a story in The Atlantic claimed that Trump belittled military veterans and fallen soldiers.

The article was entirely unfounded and based on anonymous sources. 

Several officials rejected the accusations, and President Trump denied it at a press conference on Sept. 7, saying, “It’s a disgrace. Who would say a thing like that? Only an animal would say a thing like that. There is nobody that has more respect for not only our military but for people that gave their lives in the military.”

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