A former high school student from Bibb County, Georgia, returned home 15 years after graduation to serve the people in her community as Navicent Health doctor.

Latora Williams, M.D., knew her passion for helping others. So, after she graduated from Central High School in 2004, she pursued a medical career.

“I started off with nursing at Kennesaw State and once I fell in love with that, I talked to my advisers there, and I went on to decide that I wanted to go on to medical school and pursue a career as a physician,” Williams said.

Later, Williams went to Ross University for medical school and finished her clinical training in Maryland, according to 13WMAZ.

Fifteen years later, she’s bringing everything she’s learned, back to take care of the people in her community as a family medicine resident at Navicent Health.

“This is where my heart is. I want to take care of the people in my community. The people that I grew up knowing. I want to take of people that look like me. I want to take care of people that have gone through the struggles I’ve gone through. This is where I wanted to be, no doubt about it,” she said.

Williams credited her Bibb County science and literature professors for supporting her goals.

“I think Bibb County has everything that it takes to give you a good foundation. I think having the teachers there that are very supportive and actually love their job, they enjoy teaching. Several of my classmates have gone back into the school system to help teach, so I know you’re getting quality education now,” she said.

Williams also plans to pursue geriatric scholarships to help the elderly and wishes to own her own small practice in Macon.

“As long as you do your part, the school is doing their part, and you can get to be, wherever you want to be,” she said.

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