Jonathan Gilliam, a retired Navy SEAL, former FBI agent, and author of “Sheep No More: The Art of Awareness and Attack Survival,” said Kyle Rittenhouse’s conduct on Aug. 25, 2020, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was “textbook perfect.”

Gilliam stated, “When he had his weapon and he was confronted by these imminent threats of loss of life or serious bodily injury, he engaged in a proper manner to eliminate the threat. You didn’t see him out there hammering people down, mowing people down. It’s when the threat got too close and it posed an imminent threat … he took action.”

Rittenhouse was not “praying and spraying in a total reaction,” Gilliam added. “If you look at who these people were that he actually shot, and what their actions were, and how he was trying to get away, and they came after him, everything he did was textbook perfect.”

“Even when he was on the ground, he was not engaging people unless they engaged him,” he remarked. “It was perfect.”

Rittenhouse’s control of his firearm was “amazing,” Gilliam emphasized. “[He] held his weapon properly … kept his weapon in his hands when he was getting beat [and] when he was running. He wasn’t sweeping people. He didn’t drop his gun, He held onto it and maintained positive control the whole time with his finger off the trigger.”

Breitbart reported Gilliam said leftist riots could have been avoided if tens of thousands of Americans had followed Rittenhouse’s lead in defending the peace.

“He was going to help out a neighborhood that he knew was going to be targeted by violent thugs that burned places down and destroyed businesses and lives,” he observed. “He went there to support those people. If 10,000 people had gone there and done that, none of that stuff would have happened.”

He added, “I commend him even more because he had the guts to go there at 17 years old, and go there and try to help people, take care and save their community. He didn’t do anything wrong.”

Videos of Rittenhouse shooting his attackers revealed “great weapon-handling skills,” Gilliam concluded. Rittenhouse “did not engage targets that were not presenting an imminent threat of loss of life or serious bodily injury.”

Kyle Rittenhouse appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” for the first time since his acquittal, reported Vanity fair.

Tucker Carlson, introducing his interview: “During the course of our long conversation, Kyle Rittenhouse struck us as bright, decent, sincere, dutiful, and hardworking. EXACTLY the kind of person you would want many more of in your country. He’s not especially political.”

Later, during a break, Carlson told viewers, “What a sweet kid. I think that comes through loud and clear. But, of course, the sweet kid is usually a turn of phrase you’d use for a neighbor who clears the snow from your driveway without being asked, or the Girl Scout down the street who always remembers your cookie order, not someone who shot and killed two people, but potato, PO-tah-to!”

Elsewhere, Carlson described Rittenhouse as “a working-class kid who sincerely believes in America … he tries his best to do the right thing at a time when almost no one else in the community is trying to do the right thing.”

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