Tim Kendall, Moment’s current manager and former manager of Facebook, said in an interview with Fox News on Tuesday that Big Technology is doing a lot of damage to people’s health and causing a substantial negative impact on democracies. It could even lead to a civil war in the United States.

Tim Kendall recently became a real star after the success of a popular Netflix documentary. He is the protagonist in Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma,” which addresses the negative impact that social networks and Big Tech can have on people and society.

Referring to the possibility of civil war, Kendall said, “Extreme outcomes are the logical end conclusion if there is no action on social media reform during the increasing destabilization of civil society.”

In the documentary “The Social Dilemma,” several experts from Silicon Valley are featured denouncing, from within, the dark side of social networks. In a leading role is Kendall, who, before founding the company Moment, was an account manager on Facebook.

Kendall explains why technology companies encourage “online tribalism that exacerbates the social divide.” Also, he argues that a reform of social networks is of vital importance, considering that a large amount of fake content on networks could undermine the elections and, with it, the foundations of democracy.

According to the Big Tech expert, numerous studies show that false information or false news spreads on social networks six times faster than factual information.

These social networking companies use a consumer-centric business model to perpetuate extravagant, extreme, and controversial content that tends to receive more clicks and visits.

In this sense, many media outlets have been promoting this business model and the use of false or fake news to favor the policies of their preference during election periods.

For example, there is blatant favoritism on social networks towards leftist policies and the Democratic Party in the U.S. presidential elections, as reported by The BL.

Kendall showed some optimism, indicating that there is a possibility of getting out of this situation, for which, first of all, we must recognize the problem.

As a society, we must unite to effectively address our addiction to social networks and the dangerous incentives at the core of these companies.

In this sense, Kendall indicated three key issues to achieve a break with this new reality that undermines the foundations of democracy and people’s health.

First, we must eliminate the economic incentives that encourage companies to operate and grow through creating addicts to social networks.

Secondly, we must find ways to regulate the technology industry since, according to Kendall, they cannot do so by themselves.

Third, innovation and technology must be used in an upright way to help people get their own lives back.


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