Elbridge Colby, a former defense official, has warned that China is seeking to replace the United States as the world superpower “that can impose its will on us,” in an interview on Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today” on Monday, Oct. 18.

Colby said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) currently ranks as the United States’ greatest adversary and largest geopolitical threat to the global community as well, but the threat is not being taken seriously enough.

He added that though the Biden administration and many others have expressed similar concerns, Americans are not aware of the severity of the threat because they have grown “accustomed to being the only superpower,” reported Fox News citing the interview. 

Colby explained that “the Chinese are going to surpass us—partially because they have a lot more people, but partially because a lot of them are becoming really rich. And they’re very productive.”

“This is by far the most significant challenge,” said Colby, who served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Force Development under the Trump administration.

“I mean, they are the only power, the only force in the world that can impose its will on us, violently or otherwise, in the face of our determined resistance,” he said.

In the interview, the former defense official also said that the threat of inflation has made it difficult to convey “the severity and seriousness” of the threat posed by the CCP to the United States and the global community. 

He remembered that “it was the late 19th century when the United States became the largest economy in the world.”

“Part of the thing that had been frustrating in the preceding 15 years was this sort of threat inflation, this routine threat inflation you’d get, where members of Congress and the like would say, ‘we’re living in the most dangerous period.’ And I mean, I think the 2000s—certainly the 1990s were probably the safest period, certainly in recent memory, and in some ways in history,” Colby said.

“But now, we’re actually dealing with a problem. And part of the struggle is that we actually have to convey the severity and seriousness of this threat to people who have been kind of dulled by this threat inflation, frankly,” he said.

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