Kevin Shipp, a former CIA spy, linked the cases of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and the false collusion with Russia for the 2016 presidential elections in the United States, also described as an attempted coup d’état against President Donald Trump.

The former official made a statement about these connections in an interview with Greg Hunter, investigative correspondent for CNN, ABC News, and “Good Morning America,” published in USAWatchdog on Aug.18.

Former CIA spy, Kevin Shipp. (Screenshoot/USAWatchDog)
Former CIA spy, Kevin Shipp. (Screenshoot/USAWatchDog)

Shipp believes that the information gathered by the FBI from Epstein’s safe is key and highlights that among all the important names found there one of the most relevant is that of former President Bill Clinton, who was a close friend of the billionaire.

 “At the top of the list, and the one who flew the most, was Bill Clinton. Then he lied about it. They are intertwined in that regard and with the Clinton Foundation that we know is a fraud,” said the Shipp, who also added, “It is known around the world, and you’ve got these two intersections with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Of course, Hillary Clinton is tied to the dossier in an attempt to get rid of Donald Trump.”

In this way he links false collusion with Russia to human trafficking through the people involved in both cases.

Shipp considered that with Epstein’s death “there are a lot of prominent people breathing a sigh of relief—for now,” according to USAWatchdog.

On the other hand, he objected to the testimony of Epstein’s cellmate, a four-time convicted murderer, who said he had not seen or heard anything about Epstein’s suicide attempts because he was wearing his headphones.

In addition, the former CIA official was confused by the course of suicide investigations.

For his part, U.S. Attorney General William Barr noted the “serious irregularities” in monitoring Epstein.

He also stressed that he will conduct a full investigation no matter the cost.

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