On the subject of facemask mandates, John Provenzano, a student in the Martin County School District in Florida, and his parents Michael and Erica claimed that the school board was “out of touch” when they attempted to “silence and remove people who don’t agree with them.”

“My message has been simple. The last couple months, it’s personal choice, personal freedom. The parents know best. Masks optional should work for everyone,” the father told Fox News on May 19.

“Those who haven’t been vaccinated and want to wear mask because masks work and they protect people. They think they can wear their mask. And those that don’t feel that a mask is necessary should have that option. So, it’s always been about choices,” he went on to say.

“As far as if they’re looking at the science and data, you know, we don’t really know, because they don’t explain themselves. They don’t get their justification for continuing with the mask mandates. I mean, in our state of Florida, we have never had a state mask mandate, our local county lifted their mask mandates, I think, 11 months ago. So, they’re the last ones,” the mother said.

She continued, “Masks are medical devices, I mean. In my children’s school, they can’t put sunblock on my child without my permission. They can’t give them Tylenol without my permission.”

The Fox News reporter asked the father, “But Michael, lastly, you wanted to say the same thing. And they had you hauled out by security for saying I give my permission for my child not to wear a mask in school. What was that like having security put their hands on you and push you out the door?

“Yeah. It was surreal. Again this just shows how out of touch our school board is. It was a complete overreach. You can’t even have an adult conversation with them and give them opposing view,” Michael said.

“Now I think I’m going to be banned from future school board meetings. So, their answer to this is let’s silence and remove people who don’t agree with them,” the father added.

Previously, Provenzano made a presentation to the school board on May 12. He asked them to eliminate the mandatory use of facemasks, arguing that he misses seeing people’s faces and is afraid that everything will never go back to normal again.

The Post Millennial published John’s school presentation.

“I just turned 10-years-old and I am a fourth grader at Felix A. Williams. I was expecting school to be a little bit different, in the beginning, but I didn’t think it would stay this way all year long,” the boy says, referring to how different it feels to be in school with the masks and the inability to play freely.

“I miss seeing people’s faces, I miss the way things used to be, I am scared we never go back to normal. Breathing really doesn’t seem like something we should have to ask any other people for permission for,” John said and ended by making a request.

“Please make masks optional today, it would be so awesome to end the school year on a really happy note like that.”

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