The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in Florida is attempting to reunite $2 million worth of marijuana with its rightful owner, according to a humorous post on the department’s Facebook page.

As Fox News reported, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said in a humorous Facebook post that the office was attempting to “do the right thing.”

“If you happened to have lost or misplaced approximately 770 pounds of high grade marijuana and would like to have your property returned, please contact our Narcotics Agents and we will be more than happy to reunite you with your lost property!!” Sheriff Wayne Ivey’s statement read.

“Since at the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office we always strive to do the right thing, our Narcotics Agents are trying to identify the rightful owner of the approximately 770 lbs of marijuana that was seized from a mini-storage facility in Viera,” Sheriff Wayne Ivey wrote. “I mean, trying to identify the rightful owner of the property is the very least we can do, especially since it has a street value of roughly two million dollars!!”

“Once we properly identify you as the rightful owner we will gladly return your property and also make sure that both you and your property are kept in a secure area so that no one can try to rip you off!!” Ivey added.

The post ended by saying that the marijuana owner will be given an “all expenses paid extensive ‘staycation'” for the owner to “reflect for a while on exactly how much your lost property means to you.”

During his time as “the most politically incorrect sheriff in the country,” the sheriff uses humor on social media to engage the public.

According to Florida Today, Ivey produces a variety of joke programs on YouTube to highlight various cases and aspects of his work, the most famous of which is his “Wheel of Fugitive.” He spins a wheel of fugitives to choose the “fugitive of the week.”

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