The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, said that, “for sure” he would sign a bill banning controversial surgeries to artificially change the gender of minors.

“I’m very much opposed to chemical castration of minors, I honestly didn’t know this existed until a few years ago. That would be something I would sign for sure,” DeSantis stated in an interview according to The Blaze on June 11. 

Likewise, DeSantis is going against the pressures imposed by big corporations pushing progressive leftist ideologies, including sex change, a phenomenon that male athletes take advantage of to compete and defeat female athletes. 

In this case, the governor last week signed the Women’s Sports Equity Act, which prohibits biological males from playing women’s sports, which he also referred to.

“It’s discrimination against our women athletes to force them to participate against male athletes. It needs to be a level playing field, and it needs to be fair, and it should all be based on biology, not based on ideology,” DeSantis said, according to the Daily Caller.  

In fact, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) threatened to veto Florida events if it passed this bill, which further motivated DeSantis to sign it. 

“I remember the NCAA put out a statement saying any state that enacts this, we’re not going to hold events there,” DeSantis mentioned. 

So he addressed the House of Representatives, saying, “We definitely got to get this done.’ You can’t be cowed by these organizations, or particularly by woke corporations, from doing the right thing.”

And he stressed, “If corporations want to come in and try to bully us around, they are going to go nowhere. It’s going to be like hitting their head against a brick wall.”

On the other hand, Dr. Ben Carson, a retired pediatric neurosurgeon, described the push for left-wing transgender ideology on children, manifested in the new Equality Act and the progressive policies of the Biden administration, as a case of “child abuse.” 

He also spoke out against those who promote sex change in children and adolescents, warning that this is not about science but abuse that seeks to impose an ideology that goes against the traditional and biological values of the human species.

“Well, I think they have completely neglected biology. Biology tells us that there are males and there are females, and there’s a reason for that, and we also know that the human brain is an incredibly complex organ and it’s not fully developed until your mid- to late-twenties,” Carson said according to Breitbart.

Notably, then-candidate Joe Biden’s foundation launched a pro-LGBTQ campaign in 2018 that promoted different gender “transition” stories, including that of an 18-month-old boy who, as related by his parents, was “unhappy” with his “sexual identity.”

Of the more than 500 cases reported, many were under 18, with one story even mentioning a 1.5-year-old “gender non-conforming” child.

In this regard, The National Pulse reporter Natalie Winters noted, “their pro-transgender messaging to children continues to be harmful.”

She added: “The Biden foundation perpetuates radical, far-left narratives about gender, it also okays subjecting children to permanently life-altering surgeries which many ultimately come to regret.”