As Hurricane Ida wound down over the northeast with torrential rains, it caused damaging floods that ravaged at least four states, claiming lives.

The last remnants of Ida affected four states profoundly, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. 

These areas’ citizens reported floods turning streets into rivers, submerging the subway lines just like the China subway catastrophe last month. There was far less impact; nevertheless, apartments were inundated with catastrophic tides of floodwater.

On Thursday night, officials announced a total of 44 deaths, according to Reuters

According to the outlet, 13 people were reported dead in New York City, and three others succumbed in neighboring Westchester County. In addition, three bodies were found in a basement in the Queens borough of the city.

In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy shared on social media there were at least 23 fatalities. Four people in Elizabeth City perished at a public housing complex submerged under 8 feet (2.4 m) of rainwater.

On Wednesday night, roads became river-like torrents in minutes following the massive amount of rainwater, trapping and stranding cars in rapidly rising floodwaters.

In Somerset County, New Jersey, four motorists died. In Maplewood Township, police said one man was washed away as he tried to clean debris from storm drains.

“Sadly, more than a few folks have passed as a result of this,” Governor Murphy said at a briefing, according to Reuters.

Also, Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service, two strong tornadoes ripped through Maryland, one in Annapolis and the other in Baltimore. The Washington Post said a 19-year-old died while saving his mother from a flooded apartment in Rockville, Maryland.

The New York Times said at least five individuals were killed in Pennsylvania, including one hit by a falling tree and another who drowned in his car after assisting his wife to escape the flood.

The death toll was growing as a state of emergency was declared across the five boroughs. The epic downpour knocked out electricity and suspended public transport services, including highways and flights.

Rescuers were still searching for more stranded and missing individuals throughout the day, preparing for a possibly larger casualty count.

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