Lia Mills was a pro-life student feminist who stunned her classmates with a powerful speech about abortion that went viral online seven years ago and continues to resurface. In a note that follows the YouTube video, her mother proudly shared that Lia Mills’ carefully prepared speech also moved those from the opposite side of pro-life.

At first, her choice of topic was considered “too controversial” by her pro-choice teacher who warned that she would be excluded from the school’s speech competition. However, when her teacher listened to the then 12-year-old student’s speech, she was strongly moved and inspired to become a pro-life advocate.

Mills, now a young adult, has become an outspoken pro-life campaigner, penning an essay on euthanasia written in LifeNews last year, which received many positive reviews.

In an interview published by Pilar Castanon on Linkedin, Lia Mills asserted her determination to keep fighting for the unborn’s rights against abortion laws that Democrats’ ideologies endorse.

 “As a young person, I do not fight against abortion half-heartedly. I am not in this battle to make a name for myself. I am in this battle so that others can finally be given names. I am in this battle to win. And that is why I believe that I will see abortion end in my lifetime. Because as a generation, young people bring so much more than hope and excitement and perseverance to the pro-life movement,” Mills said.

On her Twitter account, Mills usually reminds that rape culture is also a significant issue, and the abortion option is not the way to settle it. 

“If you want to use that strawman argument, then please tell me more about how you are single-handedly stopping rape culture, rather than just offering women abortions if they conceive after facing sexual assault—weak argument. Try again.” – a tweet from Lia Mills in April 2020 said. 

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