Five men going through a rehabilitation program were praised for saving an elderly couple from a burning car on a California roadway.

“There was a time when like so many of us, I would not have, but because of programs like ECTLC, we are changing, we are not just being selfish individuals, but we look out for others,” one of the rescuers said of the rehab program which turned them into good samaritans.

Part of the rescue was captured on camera by Marie Macrorie. She said seeing the men assisting the elderly couple to get out of the flaming car was quite inspiring.

“As we got closer and the smoke cleared,” Macrorie recalled according to SBLY Spotlight, “we could see there were people in there.”

On Labor Day, Ken Williamson, 92, of Phoenix, and his wife Joan, 90, were driving on a roadway in California when they were involved in an automobile accident. Their automobile was struck from behind and caught fire.

The elderly couple was trapped inside the burning vehicle and had problems with their seat belts, making it much more difficult to exit the truck.

Fortunately, the group of five men was passing by on their way to work at that moment.

Without thinking twice, they rushed to help though they had no idea who was in the car at the time.

“We just saw this guy, and he is stuck in his seatbelt, so we kind of snatched open the door, and unbuckled the seatbelt, my buddy Barry snatched him out of the car and carried him to the side of the road,” one of the rescuers Andre Leggett said according to

According to the good Samaritans, the elderly driver was worried for his wife, who was still stuck in the burning car.

“Even we did not even realize that there was somebody in the passenger seat, that is just how much smoke was in the car,” rescuer Jeff Lucas said.

“This evening Lakeside units responded to reports of a vehicle fire on the westbound lanes of I8 just east of Lake Jennings,” the Lakeside fire department stated. “The 2 occupants and a bystander were transported with burn injuries. The fire extended into the vegetation but was quickly contained.”

The elderly couple and the rescuer were all transported to the hospital and are reported stable.

Steve and Mark Williamson, the Williamsons’ children, expressed gratitude to the good samaritans who successfully saved their parents. They were seeking the accidental rescuers’ information so that they could send a thank you in person.

“I just want them to know that they saved two absolutely beautiful people, and we would love to have information to thank him personally,” said one of the children.

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