Five children have been temporarily removed from the care of their mother after she was seen hitting one of her children with a belt at his Beaumont, Texas, elementary school in a viral video, 12News reported.

The video shows a woman on the school’s campus clearly looking for her 7-year-old son. She located him in the Homer Drive Elementary cafeteria and was seen dragging him by the shirt collar to a courtyard outside.

Once in the courtyard, she screamed obscenities at him, forcing him to apologize for his actions toward a teacher, at which point she began striking him several times with a belt.

No one interceded during the incident, either inside the cafeteria or outside while the boy was being physically and verbally abused.

A judge has signed an order allowing Child Protective Services temporary custody of the boy as well as four of his siblings, ages ranging from 1 to 12, KFDM News reported.

The state will hold a hearing in 14 days to decide whether the mother should regain custody. If they are removed, a status hearing will be held to allow the children’s parents a chance to make their case in court.