A northern Californian place of worship chose a transgender woman to supervise clergy within its diocese on Sept. 11.

The San Francisco-based Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) appointed Megan Rohrer as the next bishop. The 41-year-old biological woman was announced in the presence of 65 other bishops and more than 150 pastors. The two-hour ceremony included messages, prayers, music, and bible readings.

The openly transgender bishop is married to another woman named Laurel, with two children from a previous marriage.

After the outgoing bishop announced retirement Rohrer was elected in May to serve a six-year term with Sacramento-based Sierra Pacific Synod–which includes nearly 200 congregations in California and Nevada.

Rohrer was elected to serve as bishop with 209 votes during a synod assembly, narrowly defeating Berkeley’s Rev. Jeff Johnson who received 207 votes.

The nomination sparked strong criticism among more conservative Christians who consider the decision to be an attack on sacred biblical teachings according to the Daily Wire.

Roher is a Lutheran pastor and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender activist. She previously guest-starred in the Netflix series “Queer Eye.”

According to the San Francisco Chronicle Rohrer served as a Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church pastor in the Parkside neighborhood. She was also a San Francisco Police Department chaplain before being picked to spend the next six years as bishop.

“I step into this role because a diverse community of Lutherans in Northern California and Nevada prayerfully and thoughtfully voted to do a historic thing,” Rohrer said in a statement obtained by the Daily Wire. “My installation will celebrate all that is possible when we trust God to shepherd us forward.”

Renowned gay pastor Noah Hepler, who appeared on Netflix’s “Queer Eye,” also attended the ceremony.

“I am almost at a loss for words,” Hepler said according to the publication. “We all grew up in a time when the church was saying no, and now we have bishops who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. It is an amazing time to be in the church.”

Since college Rohrer set out to ‘change’ religious institution rules she considered to be wrong. Coupled with another woman with two children from another marriage, she became pastor of a far-left Grace Lutheran Church, according to Life Site News.

According to videos on her church website, her controversial sermons discuss not confessing individual shortcomings, and confessing to collective behaviors that allegedly ruin the country. She tends to adopt a more progressive approach to avoid questioning individual misbehavior.

Although pastoral ordination is in-principle strictly male, some Lutheran churches have begun leaning towards progressivism, deviating and accepting reforms through liberal theology.

The exposingtheelca.com website lists several instances in which the organization strayed from traditional Christian faith. This includes constantly using inappropriate language among clergy, homosexuality, promoting abortion, and paying for employee gender-reassignment surgery.

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