First Lady Melania Trump is an active helper of families affected by opiate abuse and in the executing of this mission, actively seeks funds to alleviate the crisis caused by the epidemic caused by the consumption of these addictive drugs in the United States.

In one of her activities on behalf of these families, she visited the Cabell-Huntington Health Department on July 8th, the second time in the state of West Virginia – according to the White House report and the video published on the First Lady’s social network.

The First Lady met with leaders in a round table discussion with state officials, including Governor Jim Justice, the Director of the Cabell-Huntington County Health Department, and other related authorities.

The meeting communicated the efforts of the local community to combat the opioid crisis.

The first lady then met with a small group of women who told their personal stories, including the impact of the opioid epidemic on their lives and the positive effect they received from their local communities.

In early 2019 Ms. Trump convened the Inter-Agency Working Group in part to learn more about government programs available throughout the country to address this national crisis.


BE BEST is the program established by the first lady in support of children and youth and through which she distributes economic resources and aid projects to those in need.

“Through BE BEST, I continue to learn about the many problems and challenges surrounding opiate addiction,” the president’s wife said, according to the White House.

On another occasion, the first lady described the opiate epidemic as “a tragedy of humanity.”

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