First Lady Melania Trump made secret visits to a Washington hospital where she met a teenage girl with leukemia and they have been friends since 2017. Last Friday, she introduced the first lady at the National Children’s Hospital.

The Associated Ppress report reveals that the first lady met Caoilinn McLane while fighting cancer at Children’s National when she was 15.

At the time, Melania Trump was making visits to help with preparations for the “healing” garden, which was being built to provide patients and their families with a restive environment in the roof garden.

Caoilinn McLane, a patient at National Children’s Hospital, listens as first lady Melania Trump reads a Christmas story to children on Dec. 6, 2019, in Washington. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP Photo)

On Friday Caoilinn had the honor of introducing Melania on her return to the hospital to continue the tradition that all First Ladies carry out at this time of year: reading a Christmas story to patients during the holidays.

“I’m glad that we’re here, and I get to see her again,” the now 18-year-old said before the event in an interview while accompanied by her mother, Libby McLane. The family lives in Aldie, Virginia.

At one point, when the young woman relapsed, she answered the phone and discovered that the first lady was on the line.

 “It was so special. I felt very cared for and it … meant a lot that somebody was thinking about me,” she said.

Libby McLane explained that the White House had contacted her a couple of days in advance to set up the call. At the time, mother and daughter were attending several hospitals in the District of Columbia so the young woman could receive the radiation treatments she needed for her bone marrow transplant.

Melania Trump reads a story to patients at the National Children’s Hospital. December 6, 2019 . (Jacquelyn Martin/ Via AP)

“So when the call was coming, I knew who it was and I let her answer it,” said Libby McLane.

The mother of the high school student stated that Melania Trump sent messages through the hospital: “A lot of times, through the hospital, we’d get a little message that they had spoken to Mrs. Trump and she was asking how Caoilinn’s doing. She really is genuine and cares for the kids, and that’s so special,” she said.

Last Friday, Melania Trump toured parts of the hospital, including a short-stay unit, a surgical unit and a games section, where she helped patients build snowflakes.

Then the first lady read with the children “Oliver the Ornament Meets Belle” in front of a large Christmas tree. The story is about a Christmas ornament (Oliver) that is able to overcome challenges thanks to its spirit. This is the second in the sequel, the first one was read last year.

When she finished reading, the first lady told everyone present, “Merry Christmas and happy and healthy New Year” and praised the staff. From her Twitter account she wrote: “Thank you @childrenshealth for inviting me to join your joyous Christmas event. Many thanks to all of the doctors and nurses who go the extra mile to put a smile on children’s faces this holiday season.”

Child welfare is one of the initiatives of the first lady, her project “Be Best” is aimed at protecting children from the problems they may go through, and providing the tools and skills necessary for emotional, social and physical health.

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