Following the first public hearing in the impeachment against President Donald Trump on Nov.13, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said it was a “good day for the president.”

Jordan criticized the eagerness of his Democratic Party colleagues to establish an impeachment backed by vague testimonies and using reasoning based on rumors. “There was no push, no pressure,” he said, referring to conversations between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and President Trump, according to Daily Caller.

The White House has emphatically denied the accusations made against the president and weeks ago published transcripts of the conversation between the two presidents.

The dialogue shows that President Trump did not pressure or offer any kind of economic retribution to Ukraine to investigate the son of Joe Biden, who was involved in a case of corruption of the main gas company of the European country.

Meanwhile, during the first public hearing on Nov. 13, Jordan argued that the arguments of Bill Taylor, the main witness of the Democrats and the person in charge of U.S. business in Ukraine, are unfounded, indicating that he is not even one of the voices present on the record of the telephone call.

“Ambassador, you weren’t on the call, were you? You didn’t hear the call from President Trump and President Zelenskiy,” Jordan said during the hearing.

Jordan also urged Taylor to acknowledge that he had never really met the president and that he had not spoken to his current chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, according to Daily Caller.

Jordan said, “Ambassador Taylor, he had three meetings with President Zelenskiy, and all three of those meetings, never once did this idea of linking security assistance dollars to an investigation ever come up.”

Jordan also alluded to the nature of the call, saying: “The transcript speaks for itself. … The two guys on the call have both been very clear, no pressure, no pushing, no linkage to investigations, both President Zelenskiy and President Trump have said, and of course, President Zelensky didn’t pledge to do any investigations prior to the aid being released, and the Ukrainians didn’t know that the aid was even on hold at the time of the call.”

According to statements made by Jordan during the first session, he acknowledged that while the hearing in Congress was “a sad chapter for the country,” it had been “a good day for the facts and a good day for the president of the United States.”