In the complex system of voter fraud perpetrated in the U.S., several committed citizens help uncover the processes followed by the Democrats, or their allies, to pass votes to the presidential candidate, Joe Biden, illegally.  

A citizen identified with Twitter’s @redpillx2 user revealed that votes were first switched to the “3rd party” account, and then transferred to Biden, undermining President Donald Trump and the nation, The Gateway Pundit reported on Nov. 24. 

The user @redpillx2 starts a message thread entitled “The Anatomy of the Trap” and motivates readers with the slogan: “Time to rise up info warriors!”

He then presents and describes a series of statistical scatter charts in which strange data entry behavior is evident, which is far from the norm for these cases, which is why he infers it’s evidence of electoral fraud. 

“Many hours have been spent working on the NYT data to reveal the dirty secrets. First, we go to the battlefields and some ugly graphics. Okay, these are some scatter plots, and I’ll explain how to read them. (So difficult.)” he tweeted.

After explaining how to interpret the @redpillx2 graphs, he describes how the votes were passed to the 3rd party as an intermediary before apparently reaching Biden’s account.

Likewise, @redpillx2 reviews the graphs of the counts in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Florida, among others. The Illinois graph shows the extreme variation that highlights the massive fraud throughout the country.

Along with @redpillx2 other dedicated patriots corroborated the evidence of massive voter fraud, enough to challenge the results that falsely place Biden as the winner.

Bad actors used several different strategies at many polling places to pass votes to Biden illegally.

Nevertheless, everything seems to indicate that most of the trickery was done through the systematized counting machines, administered by the Dominion Voting System company and others. There were losses and deviations of millions of votes, according to specialized investigators.

Trump’s Campaign lawyers have announced unprecedented lawsuits that, if favorably resolved, will return President Trump to the Oval Office.

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