In Alaska, a resident’s house was raided on Wednesday, April 28, as federal agents claimed they were searching for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, which was stolen during the Capitol riot on January 6. 

The homeowners, Paul and Marilyn Hueper, told  KSRM that the agents mistook her for a woman who entered the U.S. Capitol and was involved in the stealth of the House Speaker’s laptop from her office on that day. 

Following the warrant, FBI agents confiscated several electronic devices belonging to the couple, including their laptops and a cellphone, AP reported. The agents also inspected Paul Hueper’s phone, but they did not seize it. 

Marilyn recalled to KSRM that the FBI entered their home without taking any precautions, guns pointed, and they handcuffed the couple, as well as the sleeping guests. The agents claimed they had knocked on the door but did not receive any answer, which prompted a sudden break-in.

When Marilyn encountered the federal agents, she was told that they had pictures of her appearing inside the Capitol as the chaos erupted, which they compared with her images on social media and concluded her identity. She and her husband refused to accept their claims. 

Paul admitted that on January 6, the couple indeed were present at the then-President Donald Trump’s rally in Washington, but they did not join the mob that stormed the Capitol. 

“We were at most within a hundred yards of the front of building. I mean we were in a sea of million people, so we’re far enough back,” Paul told KSRM. “Then, I started to kind of understand what the process of what they were looking for, you know again the case of mistaken identity.”

Marilyn recalled feeling incredulous about the federal agents’ reason for the raid. 

“So, I think almost right off the bat, they said, ‘Well, you probably know why we’re here,’ or something like that. It’s like, ‘Yeah, no, not really,’ Marilyn remembered. 

“And they said, ‘Well, we’re here for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.’ And I said. Oh, so it was stolen and it’s at large, good to know. I thought maybe it was just conspiracy theory, so thanks for the intel,’” she said, adding that she would not expect the FBI was suspecting her of the stealing. 

Marilyn was also faced with a question on whom she was working for, insinuating the act of stealing Pelosi’s laptop, to which she responded with an unintentional laugh out of disbelief, saying, “I don’t mean to be disrespectful and laughing, but this is really surreal and strange.” 

California Democrat’s deputy chief of staff Drew Hammill, revealed that the missing laptop belonging to the House Speaker that the federal agents were searching for was only used for presentation. 


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