After a year full of social upheavals promoted by radical leftist groups that have led to losses in the millions in the mainly blue (Democratic) cities of the United States, there is fear, supported by concrete threats, that severe disturbances will develop during the elections on Nov. 3 and the days after.

Many police departments around the country are being alerted. They are beginning to organize to take action on the potential violent protests that threaten to occur during and following the elections.

“It’s no secret that this election is more controversial than in years past,” said the NYPD’s Chief of Department told to Fox News. He added they are developing a containment plan if the protests turn into criminal actions, as has happened repeatedly throughout the year.

Chicago is a city that has seen outbreaks of civil unrest that included looting and destroying businesses in downtown areas. In a coordinated effort with other city agencies, its police department is preparing to address potential security emergencies during the election process.

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown told Fox News, “Emergency officials are training to ensure that they are ready for any scenario that occurs on election day.”

Brown added, “We are all in conversations with our counterparts around the country about what we might expect, but everything is uncertain, so we are doing everything we can to anticipate any danger that might occur.”

Fox News contacted police authorities in major cities across the United States. All agreed that this is a critical election.

Because of the past few months’ record, they expect social unrest to present a complex scenario during the election.

Blow to Democracy: Leftist Groups Plan to Unleash Chaos if Trump Wins Election

A network of protesters that brought together more than 80 anti-Trump groups is organizing under the name Protect the Results.

They aim to mobilize millions of Americans in case Donald Trump wins the election and overthrow his victory.

Under the unfounded pretext of trying to “prevent a constitutional crisis,” the network of leftist activists and well-funded progressive groups are training, organizing, and planning the mass mobilization in the streets if President Trump wins the election.

The coalition of more than 80 advocacy groups and grassroots organizations are born of the merger of two well-established and long-standing groups called ‘Indivisible’ and ‘Stand Up America.

Both left groups emerged in response to President Trump’s 2016 elections.

Their stated goals are to “organize and resist Trump’s dangerous agenda” and “defeat Trump and his facilitators.”

By merging, they took the initiative to bring together any left-wing groups with the common goal of removing President Trump from the government.

Both groups are part of the Democracy Alliance (DA), which Breitbart claims is an alliance financed by left-wing billionaire Soros.

The DA receives donations from thousands of small and medium-size contributors whose common goal is to develop a unique progressive movement in the United States.

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