The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation announced that it would release a documentary on how Chinese officials steal the trade secrets of U.S. companies.

The Bureau had previously released a trailer for the 30-minute documentary on Nov. 5. The movie would elaborate on the large-scale commercial espionage tactics conducted by the Chinese government and organizations the regime controls.

The film would include interviews with senior executives of American companies whose trade secrets were stolen by China.

In July, the Center for Strategic and National Studies, or CSIS, released a report that said it had investigated 160 Chinese espionage activities targeting the United States since 2000.

CSIS discovered that 42% of the suspects were members of the Chinese military or Chinese government employees, 32% were Chinese citizens, and 26% were Americans who CCP officials bribed.

The report also noted 34% of Chinese espionage cases sought military technology, 51% related to the theft of commercial technology from the United States.

The Justice Department on Nov. 19 said in a news release that 80% of the lawsuits it filed against those of alleged economic espionage were working for China. Meanwhile, China also accounted for 60% of all trade secret theft cases.

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