Interviews with U.S. intelligence officials revealed that the FBI reacted with “indifference” when it was informed in 2018 that Hillary Clinton’s mail server had been hacked by a Chinese company.

A letter containing transcripts of interviews with intelligence officials was sent Monday to the Senate Governmental Affairs and Homeland Security Committee and some Republican senators, including Chuck Grassley.

It reports that the FBI’s top leaders were “indifferent” to evidence that a Chinese company had hacked into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s nongovernmental e-mail server.

According to the letter, a Chinese state-owned company hacked into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server, then inserted a code that sent them a copy of virtually every e-mail she sent or received after that.

In addition, the document states that State Department officials allegedly sought to “lower the level of sensitivity of the classified material found on the server.”

The letter explains how “two Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) officials—Frank Rucker and Jeanette McMillian—discovered the code and brought the possible intrusion to the attention of the FBI.”

However, Rucker said Peter Strozk, then chief of the FBI’s counterintelligence section and responsible for investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a private mail server, received this information in a “distant and derogatory” manner and did not ask many questions.

According to Rucker, after reporting and presenting the evidence of this foreign interference, they never heard from the FBI again in relation to this matter.

Last year, the bureau denied President Trump’s claims that China had pirated Clinton’s private server, according to the Washington Times.

At the time, the office said it had found no evidence that her server was compromised.

However, these transcripts now contradict that statement and provide evidence that they were informed of possible Chinese interference with Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

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