Documents declassified by former President Donald Trump indicate that the FBI failed to investigate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a Democrat, for illegally receiving money from overseas during her 2016 presidential campaign.

The potential investigation was thwarted because influences from the top level of the FBI, known as ‘the seventh floor’ prevented it from taking place, with FBI Director James Comey, according to National File on Jan. 21. 

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) prevents election campaigns from soliciting or accepting contributions from foreign nationals under any circumstances, but the influx of foreign money prompted FBI agents to apply for the authorization required by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

In this case the agents applied for the FISA court’s permission, but four months later they still had not received it. 

“The FISA application has remained in limbo for the last four months, even though subsequent investigative activity by [redacted] provided additional probable cause for the FISA application,” an FBI agent wrote to Comey in April 2015, according to the disclosed documents.

At this point FBI management opted to warn Clinton’s lawyers about the case, telling them that the money received from overseas could affect her presidential aspirations, rather than expedite the FISA clearance and proceed to investigate the potential crime until they could have become complicit.

“Kendall and Turner were advised the FBI was providing them with this briefing for awareness and so Ms. Clinton could take appropriate action to protect herself,” a summary memo said.

Notably, the FBI under Comey preferred to warn Democrat Clinton, against whom there were grounds to launch an investigation for possible collusion with a foreign power, while falsifying documents to launch an investigation against the 2016 Trump campaign.

In fact, the Democratic Party has a history of receiving money from foreign powers, considered enemies of the United States. 

The FEC reported fining participants in a 1996 Democratic Party fundraising scandal $719,000 for obtaining money from China, Korea, and other foreign sources.

Among those sanctioned were the Democratic National Committee, the Clinton-Gore campaign, a California Buddhist temple and several others, according to the Los Angeles Times.