Far-right activists did not mastermind and execute the Capitol siege as rumored, a federal spy said.

“Confidential documents” have surfaced that dismiss speculation about the Proud Boys plotting the Capitol riots.

An FBI informant, who infiltrated the group, revealed none of the members planned the attacks on Jan. 6.

“On the eve of the attack, the records show, the informant said that the group had no plans to engage in violence the next day, except to defend itself from potential assaults from leftist activists,” the New York Times reported.

The informant stressed no violent act was discussed, and the Proud Boys were busy focusing on how to react if far-left people confronted them. Any action members took on the day were due to herd mentality.

The remarks came after mainstream media accused the group of concocting strategies to hinder a peaceful transfer of power between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The FBI also presented thousands of Telegram messages, allegedly showing group leaders directing members to consider police a “primary threat.” Several leaders from the pro-Trump group were severely prosecuted for alleged insurrection.

The paper interpreted the informant’s remarks as signs of the FBI’s intelligence system failing. The Proud Boys could have found a way to prevent undercover FBI agents from accessing critical knowledge.

“They also raise new questions about the performance of the FBI in tracking the threat from far-right groups like the Proud Boys,” the paper reported.

BL understands the informant’s remarks are consistent with an August Reuters report, which suggests scarce evidence shows the Capitol breach was a concerted plot.

“Ninety to 95 percent of these are one-off cases,” a senior official told the newswire agency.

In terms of Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, the FBI “found no evidence that the groups had serious plans about what to do, if they made it inside.”

Conservative news outlet American Greatness believes the report confirms the FBI indeed infiltrated pro-Trump groups, adding further suspicion to their potential role behind the event.

More than 600 people were charged in relation to the Capitol seize. Fifteen Proud Boys members were convicted of conspiracy.

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