FBI Director Christopher Wray on Wednesday, June 24, revealed that the bureau has over 2,000 active investigations tied to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

During an interview with Bret Baier of “Special Report” on Fox News, Wray said China [CCP] is the greatest threat to the U.S. economy and its democratic principles, noting that the active investigations connected to the CCP now present “about a 1,300 percent increase in terms of economic espionage investigations with a Chinese nexus from about a decade ago.”

Wray said the CCP is “pursuing a campaign of intellectual property theft, economic espionage, cyberintrusions that target businesses—big and small—all across the country, and our academic research institutions.”

Wray added that Chinese [CCP] leaders “have an interest in influencing our political thought—our policies—to try and shift them in a more friendly, pro-China, pro-Chinese Communist party direction;  and so sometimes that gets wrapped up in election issues.”

As the United States is facing waves of protests that sometimes turned into violence in the wake of George Floyd’s death, evidence shows that the CCP has been looking to take advantage of the movement.

Wray said the FBI is “looking carefully” at the foreign actors that attempt to influence and intensify the mayhem in the country. 

“We have certainly seen in the past a variety of foreign adversaries looking to amplify controversy in this country,” Wray said. “And they use state media. They use social media. Some of that is through propaganda, some of that’s through disinformation, some of that’s through just fake information. And we are looking carefully at the prospect of foreign influence or foreign interference in all of the protests and activities that have occurred over the last few weeks.”