Horace Lorenzo Anderson, whose 19-year-old son was killed in Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Organized Protest” (CHOP) zone, spoke out in an emotional interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News on Wednesday night, July 1. He revealed that he’s not allowed to see his son’s body and no officials have reached out to him.

“I’m numb, I’m still numb today,” Anderson said. “I got to bury my son tomorrow. It’s just been a lot going on. My whole thing, my whole life, man, this is incredible. To this day, it’s been almost two weeks, I haven’t heard from nobody.”

“Nobody called me or tried to find me,” he continued. “His I.D. is my I.D., so his number is my number. So it’s easy to come for—the detectives to say, excuse me, knock on my door, excuse me, let me tell you what happened about your son. I don’t know nothing. I had to find my son, they wouldn’t even let me see my son that night. It took me a whole week before I could see my son.”

Anderson said he found out about his son’s death from some of his son’s friends and Seattle’s authorities “should have been stopped this a long time ago.”

“My son needed help, and I don’t feel like they helped my son…I feel like he doesn’t, without this, he would just be nobody. He’s just—it doesn’t matter, he’s just another guy. Just another child, just swept up under the rug and that’s it and forgotten about,” he said.

“You’re taking away generations,” Anderson added. “You’re taking away our youth. You are taking away, my son never had a chance to have another child. My grandbaby would never be…that’s a generation taken from me.”

Mayor Jenny Durkan on Wednesday ordered the Seattle police to clear the CHOP zone following two recent fatal shootings. More than three dozen people were arrested, charged with failure to disperse, obstruction, assault, and unlawful weapon possession. Still, Durkan insisted that the protests were “incredibly peaceful.”

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