A Portland-area event with right-wing demonstrations and far-left groups counterprotesting escalated to civil disturbances over the weekend, when various people and officers were attacked by alleged far-left Antifa protesters, leaving a journalist with brain hemorrhaging, and needing hospitalization. He shared his ordeal online, soon after.

Right-wing demonstrators Proud Boys and the Him Too Movement with conservative activist Haley Adams who started the Him Too Movement, had reserved three sites for demonstration: Pioneer Square, Chapman Square, and Waterfront Park in Portland, Oregon, on June 29.

Portland Police had assigned peace officers to the event; some on bikes and others in riot gear.

Journalist Attacked

During the demonstrations, journalist Andy Ngo, an editor at the online website Quillette, was attacked by protesters after he was recognized.

Ngo was walking through the event, recording—at times being blocked—when an alleged Antifa member threw what appeared to be a milkshake at him. Then several joined in and started throwing projectiles and hitting Ngo.

In the video, Ngo said he got his camera stolen. He used his phone to record a video of himself after injuries and uploaded it to Twitter a short while later.

Ngo said he was struck in the head and face multiple times during the attack. He filmed himself showing bloody cuts and bruises, and was covered in milkshake. He was being looked over by authorities and questioned in the recording.

Ngo is known to frequent Antifa rallies. Footage from others, of his attack, shows a group of masked protesters surrounding him, punching him, and throwing milkshakes, while following Ngo as he walked away peacefully, wiping off the milkshake from his face.

It was apparent Ngo was recognized by protesters. Several shouted his name and told him to go home, or leave, and swore at him.

This is not the first time Ngo has been attacked by Antifa.

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A Witness Reporter

Demonstrations, which started at noon, were mostly peaceful and started in Lowndsale and Pioneer Courthouse squares, reported Oregon Live.

Oregon Live said that a “skirmish in which a local conservative writer was apparently attacked by a group of left-wing protesters, quickly spread across the internet.”

Jim Ryan, a reporter from The Oregonian tweeted that left-wing demonstrators easily numbered in the hundreds, by his estimate. Ryan tweeted footage from when journalist Andy Ngo was attacked. He said it was the first skirmish he had seen and did not see how it had started. “@MrAndyNgo got roughed up,” Ryan wrote in the tweet.

At Lownsdale, an anti-right-wing group mostly dressed in black pumped loud music and handed out vegan milkshakes, while the Him Too Movement was at Pioneer Courthouse Square. The Him Too Movement is a group who say they support men who have been falsely accused of rape.

At some point, violent protesters threw eggs and milkshakes at Portland police officers. Some milkshakes contained a mixture of quick-drying cement. Some violent protesters also used bear and pepper spray on people.

That’s when police officers started spraying pepper spray into the crowd near Pioneer Square.

Police told Oregon Live they arrested three people. Two men, a 21-year-old charged with harassment, and a 23-year-old charged with second-degree assault and assault of a police officer, and a 23-year-old woman charged with second-degree disorderly conduct and harassment.

Medics treated eight people—one of them Andy Ngo—including three officers, for injuries. One officer was hit in the head, and two others were pepper-sprayed.

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Others Badly Hurt

Others were hurt as severely or worse than Ngo. Oregonians, Adam Kelly, and John Blum were beaten by protesters while at Pioneer Courthouse Square. They said they were there to support Haley Adams and the Him Too Movement.

Michelle Malkin @michellemalkin shared updates on Ngo and even set up a GoFundMe page for him.

Malkin also shared photos with her 2 million followers, of two other men who were severely attacked at the event.


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