A family survived a road rage shooting that left their car riddled with bullet holes on Christmas Eve in Fort Worth, Texas, KTVT reported.

The shooting began on West Loop 820 and finished off I-20 and Bryant Irvin Road.

Inside the shot-up vehicle was a man, woman, and their 1-year-old son. The Wilson family’s vehicle had bullet holes in the doors on both sides and windows were shot out.

Bullets hit the headrests and went across the dashboard, the only injuries were some small cuts from broken glass.

Wilson said he saw a gold Honda with four or five men inside pull up behind him on Loop 820.

He said when he changed lanes to let them pass, the driver started firing at them.

Wilson called 911 and tried to tell dispatchers where the vehicle was going, while his wife grabbed their son and ducked down in the back seat.

He said they got off the highway at Bryant Irvin Road and while they were at a stoplight, saw the vehicle of shooters again, pulling out of a shopping center.

“He was about 20 feet away and just emptied out on us. Boom, boom, boom. Hung out the window on us. And emptied the clip on us,” Wilson told KTVT. “The bullets were right in my headrest about that far from my head. It went in the door past my son.”

“It could’ve been my last Christmas Eve,” Wilson said. “Or my family could’ve been hit. I’m just glad he’s (son) going to get to open all his presents tomorrow under the tree.”

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