Facebook permanently suspended an account dedicated to selling children’s books with historical and current American characters that promote moral teachings for “low quality or disrupting content.”

The account belongs to the publisher “Heroes of Liberty,” dedicated to selling stories about former Republican President Ronald Reagan, writer Thomas Sowell and Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

According to a Fox News report, the ad account was initially suspended on Dec. 23 for violating the company’s “low quality or disturbing content” rule. Unfortunately, after the publisher appealed the decision, Facebook suspended it permanently under the same argument.

Bethany Mandel from Heroes of Liberty questioned Facebook’s banning characters like former President Ronald Reagan, who is part of American history.

“We are not in politics, we are in the business of creating beautiful stories about great people that will entertain children and give them life lessons,” she said. “To cancel children’s books because they celebrate American values that 90% of Americans believe in isn’t even anti-conservative bias, it’s anti-American. Pure madness.”

The publisher said it lost all of its initial investment because of Facebook’s decision.

“We began investing in Facebook four months before we launched our first book,” she added. “We invested most of our marketing budget on the platform, and now our budget (the money we’ve already spent), as well as our assets and data are gone. Marketing-wise we are back in square one, financially it’s even more challenging,” Ms. Mandel lamented.

Heroes of Liberty aims to produce high-quality children’s books that promote American values. The publishing house opened its doors on Nov. 9 and officially launched on Nov. 14. As early as July, it began investing resources to build a brand on Facebook. 

Ms. Mandel believes Facebook’s decision to close her account had to do with a group of people on it leaving hateful comments. Among the comments were some saying they wanted to burn the books in the publisher’s ads, questioning how there was publicity promoting the likes of Ronald Reagan. Regan, among his accomplishments, is credited with having contributed significantly to the end of the Cold War.

“It’s very likely those same people reported to Facebook that our content is disturbing, because it doesn’t sit well with their radical worldview,” Mandel said. “These are the same people who riot and take down statues of our founding fathers in the real world, and they want to strip us of our ability to honor our Heroes in the digital sphere and in children’s books.”

Fortunately, the publisher sold thousands of books and received excellent feedback from people who still value American history and don’t want contemporary books whose ideas stray from the traditional.

“We learned our lesson, and won’t risk building our business relying on the whims of Big Tech again,” she said. “We are very happy with our initial decision to create a subscription model that will allow us to create a more meaningful one-on-one connection with families that a censor can’t disrupt.”

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