Facebook continues to exercise its usual censorship and is now taking action against anti-vaccine lawyer Robert Kennedy Jr., canceling his Instagram account after he denounced the “Neo-feudalism” of controversial billionaire Bill Gates. 

Kennedy Jr, son of Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy, wrote “a comprehensive account of Bill Gates’ attempt to monopolize and dominate global food production and public health programs.”

Author Steve Watson published it in Summit News on Feb. 11. 

Kennedy’s outreach activities have become very “uncomfortable” for globalists, to the extent that the account’s deletion came just hours after the Washington Post pressured Facebook for posting a segment of the documentary “Planet Lockdown.”

This film describes links between large technology companies and the federal government to achieve a system of global control. 

It also links the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus vaccination and an elite that controls it by imposing synthetic biology, according to Summit News. 

However, Instagram justified the cancellation of Kennedy’s account by saying that Kennedy was spreading versions of the CCP virus that deviate from the authorized version, Twitter user @Geopolitics_Emp reported.

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had his #Instagram account taken down. Instagram’s official statement: ‘We removed this account for repeatedly sharing debunked claims about the #coronavirus or #vaccines,'” he tweeted. 

Separately, at an international event in Berlin, Germany, dedicated to protecting children from dangerous vaccines, Kennedy warned about organizations that are endangering not only our freedoms but also the human race as a species. 

During his speech, Kennedy stressed, “Our hope is President Trump. We must win to stop these globalists from tearing our world apart and from taking all our freedoms away.”

The group Children’s Health Defense, a non-profit organization, founded and chaired by Kennedy Jr., organized that event to call attention to corrupt individuals and institutions in the global medical community that promote dangerous drugs to children. 

Instagram also announces that it will censor its users’ private messages. 

“NEW – Instagram to permanently ban users that send “hate speech” in their private Direct Messages, the social media platform announced,” posted Twitter user @disclosetv.

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