Desirée Penrod, a 25-year-old Connecticut teacher, died a week after taking the Johnson & Johnson’s experimental Covid vaccine. Her post on Facebook describing the negative symptoms she experienced after the shot was then flagged by the platform’s Fact-checkers team.

“The vaccine is killing me today. My arm hurts, beyond exhausted, headache, stomach cramps and earaches,” Penrod wrote in her Facebook post on March 10, describing the unstable health condition she went through one day after the shot.

Desirée Penrod’s personal post on Facebook, March 10, 2021, one week before her death (Sreenshot/facebook)

Under her post is the label embedded by Facebook’s fact-check note, citing the World Health Organization, which multiple media have accused of hindering public notice on the dangerous pandemic last year, saying distributed COVID-19 vaccines have to undergo thorough testing procedures before being approved, hence, dismissing Penrod’s uncertainty over the vaccine’s effect. 

Penrod shared in the comment section that she received the shots via the Killingly School District in Danielson, Connecticut, where she had worked. She claimed no after-effects from the shot were apparent at first. 

“For me, the initial shot didn’t hurt; however, everyone is different and I’ve heard that it hurt some. Just drink a lot of water before hand,” she answered a comment under her post.

 Several Facebookers who got the same shot reviewed that the side effects would last for two days on average. Penrod was positive on her recovery, “It was a very quick process and if you have any questions at all, the nurse will answer them for you. Easier said than done, but no need to be nervous.”

However, Penrod was confirmed dead on March 17, becoming one of the first victims of the experimental Johnson & Johnson CCP virus vaccine developed by the JNJ-78436735 viral vector shot, reported

Penrod called the shot the “Janssen dose” as it is distributed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, known as the one-dose shot. 

Healthimpactnews believed Penrod’s death, along with 32-year-old Benjamin Goodman, who also took the same vaccine and passed away just 24 hours later, is the reckoning alarm for Americans in the face of the media’s claims that they are overly cautious of the authorized COVID-19 vaccine choices.