At the last Republican National Convention on August 24, a speaker at the event, Florida businessman Máximo Álvarez used his speech to alert Americans about progressive socialism.

As Fox News points out, the Cuban-born exile is among the refugees who have risen, warning against the dangers of socialism, and have described such things as class warfare, language surveillance, and expansive government programs.

Alvarez and other refugees on social networks, as well as in interviews with Fox News, have called for learning from history.


Elizabeth Rogliani, a young woman who went from Venezuela to the United States in 2008 and settled in the state of Florida, said: “the millionaires, and anyone who was rich, were ‘the enemy of the people’ in Venezuela,'” referring to the socialist dictatorships that have ruled in recent years.

According to Fox News, Rogliani finds a difference in the political attacks against “millionaires and multimillionaires.”

“Division between the classes was something that Hugo Chavez wanted—to make sure that poorer sectors of society hated anyone that was wealthy,” the young Venezuelan added.

As Fox News points out, the late President Hugo Chávez drew a parallel between socialism and capitalism by saying that the former was the “kingdom of love, equality, solidarity, peace and true democracy,” while the latter was “kingdom of the egoism of inequality.”

Before the Chávez government, Venezuela was the richest country in all of South America, and it also had the world’s largest crude oil reserves, surpassing even Saudi Arabia.

According to Bloomberg News, price controls were first established in the early 2000s as a measure to contain inflation, leading to a devastating shortage of commodities that were selling at a loss, including oil.

After the Chavez government, the country has continued to enact strict price controls for more than a decade. It has also confiscated numerous private companies, leading to a collapse of the economy.


Nicaragua is one of the countries in Latin America that has experienced one of the greatest exoduses of migrants as a result of the socialist system

For Roberto Bendana, a Nicaraguan immigrant in Texas, the United States “has all the same characteristics as I saw there (…) violence, looting, damaging private property.”

According to Fox News, Bendana left Nicaragua at an early age with his father after revolutionary socialists took power in 1981 and confiscated his father’s coffee farm.


More than a million Cubans have fled to the United States since Fidel Castro came to power in 1959.

“I heard the promises of Fidel Castro and I can never forget all those who grew up around me … who suffered and starved and died because they believed those empty promises,” said Maximo Alvarez during his speech at the Republican National Convention last August.

“You can still hear the sounds of those broken promises. It is the sound of waves in the ocean carrying families clinging to pieces of wood. It is the sound of tears hitting the paper of an application to become an American citizen,” Alvarez added.

“My dad, who only had a sixth-grade education, told me—’don’t lose this place,'” Alvarez said of the United States. “My family is done abandoning what we rightfully earned.”

Despite being born into the Caribbean island’s poverty, Alvarez made a fortune after founding the Sunshine Gasoline company. However, in the face of Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s proposals, Alvarez remains skeptical of their idea to implement new taxes.

Biden’s proposed tax increase would significantly affect those earning more than $400,000. In an interview with ABC, Biden announced that “very wealthy should pay a fair share,” along with corporations.


Lily Tang Williams is an immigrant from China, now living in New Hampshire. According to Fox News, she lived under the dictatorship of Mao Zedong along with one of his best-known political reforms, “the cultural revolution.”

She said of the riots that plague much of the United States, “the rioting, looting, destruction of property. It’s so familiar. It scares me because I’ve been there.

“People who attack small businesses in cities … you see them taking private property, and they say, ‘we deserve this. This is a redress.’ And it’s just—this is the Marxist way. It’s a justification in the barrel of a gun,'” Fox News reported.

Tang noted that in the face of the uproar and pressure from those promoting the protests and instigating the disorder, it is not even possible to remain silent. “You can’t even keep silent. You have to publicly agree with them. It’s not fundamentally American,” she added.

Tang added, “The tactics they use are very Marxist and communist. They did this in China. Everyone had to be from the Communist Party.

For Tang, freedom of thought and free ideas is a symbol of greatness for the United States. “We don’t have to agree with each other all the time, but we should be able to have a civilized discussion,” she added.

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