Blind exiled human rights activist Chen Guangcheng who became a figurehead for Chinese resistance to the Party, is pleading for the world to unite against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and he calls it the “biggest and most serious virus of all.”

Chen gave an interview on Faith and Law’s “Friday Forum,” and told host William Saunders the world’s people must take a stand against the CCP, and he said, “It is time to recognize the threat the Chinese Communist Party poses to all humanity.”

Chen, who has been blind from an early age, and is a self-taught lawyer, sued the CCP over a decade ago when he stood up against its “one-child policy” that caused millions of babies to be aborted.

After being incarcerated for his activism, in 2012 he fled to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing after a dramatic escape from house arrest.

His plight gained international interest, and together with his family was able to negotiate a passage to the United States where he is now a distinguished visiting fellow at the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies at the Catholic University of America and a senior fellow at the Witherspoon Institute.

During his interview, Chen spoke of the danger the rest of the world is facing from the CCP, and world leaders need to take action, “If free nations do not face the difficult task of deciding how to eradicate communist authoritarianism—a cancer on humanity—they will become its victims.”

“Like fire and water, authoritarian dictatorships do not mix with democracies,” he said. “No matter how nice the free world tries to be, dictators will not change. The reality you have to face is that dictators see you as the enemy. And it’s not only the people directly ruled by dictators who face harm, as you now see from the coronavirus.”

The CCP has covered up many facts relating to the CCP Virus, and the world must not be taken in by its lies.

“Over the past weeks, the CCP has told the world that it has controlled the virus, that it has been victorious. Many people and leaders around the world seem to believe this. And many people are saying we should do what the authoritarian regime has done in China,” he explained.

“This is dangerous,” he continued. “There is nothing to believe in what the CCP reports.”

Chen believes the figures for the number of infections and deaths are far more than what they officially admit.

“They are barricading people in their own homes,” he said. “In Wuhan, whole families have been found dead in their apartments because they could not get out.”

As LifeSiteNews reported, official figures say that the death toll from the virus in China is now just over 4,600, from just over 80,000 cases. By comparison, the United States is now reporting more than 55,000 deaths from almost a million total cases. Italy is reporting more than 26,000 deaths from almost 200,000 cases.

“As for the data, there is nothing about the CCP’s numbers that are believable,” he said.

“Recently the CCP has raised the official number of deaths. Previously the number was a little more than 3,200 in the entire country. Then they said they had missed 1,290 people, so they have adjusted the amount to over 4,600 people. But no one believes this—not the Chinese people and no one outside China either, “ said Chen.

Chen also claimed, “The CCP is taking advantage of the pandemic to carry out its suppression campaign.”

“So-called quarantine sites are in fact secret detention sites where they can hold human rights activists,” he explained.

Any Chinese journalist that was discovered publishing videos online of “people collapsing in the streets, body bags piling up in vans,” and “hearses and vans carrying bodies working 24 hours a day,” were sent to the so-called quarantine sites. Others were reprimanded or received death threats for writing about the true situation.

“Even the smallest speaking of the truth can result in these terrifying reactions and threats to personal safety,” he said.

“The CCP has suppressed the truth about this virus and has allowed it to spread around the world, creating a catastrophe. When the epidemic is finally under control, the rest of the world must come together to confront the CCP,” he said.

“A top priority should be to consider how to directly and effectively assist the Chinese people in understanding, resisting, and overthrowing the CCP dictatorial regime,” he continued. “The West needs to take specific measures to weaken the CCP’s capability to oppress, including technological, economic, or other forms of assistance. If the CCP persecutes human rights activists, religious believers, and democracy activists, it should pay the highest price for its actions.”

“If the CCP does something that causes hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide, it also needs to be held responsible,” said Chen.

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