Before becoming known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, Duane Chapman was convicted of first-degree murder during a pot deal gone wrong. His partner killed 69-year-old Jerry Oliver in a fight over marijuana in 1976.

Although Chapman did not pull the trigger, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison for first-degree murder.

Recently, Duane “Dog” Chapman, now a well-known bounty hunter, joined the search when Laundrie’s disappearance made headlines.

Chapman became famous as Dog the Bounty Hunter, with the TV star shackling hard-core criminals while the cameras rolled. However, Oliver’s family has largely remained silent about their ordeal over the years. However, the family is haunted by their loss and the fact that Chapman, 68, has become famous.

“We don’t like that Dog and want nothing to do with him,” Danny Oliver, brother of Jerry Oliver, told the New York Post.

Authorities, according to experts, are not also exactly Dog fans.

“Nobody in real law enforcement respects people in fake law enforcement,” Kevin Harrington, the COO of MG Security Services and a former NYPD detective chief, said.

“He sounds like he’s going out there trying to dig around for information that could, at times, sabotage what law enforcement is doing,” Matthew Young, a former FBI special agent of 20 years, informed the New York Post. “Often, it’s not helpful to law enforcement techniques and operations.”

A former Texas bounty hunter, Rick Kincaid, added that law enforcement agencies would find Dog “more in the way than anything else.”

Chapman explained to Fox News how his time in prison inspired him to become a bounty hunter.

“I became the warden’s barber, so that means all the guards were my friends. One guy went to break and run one day, an inmate, and I jumped him and just—the guards were going to shoot him in the back,” he said. “And as the guard walked up when I was on top of the inmate apprehending him, and he threw down the handcuffs and said, ‘Hook him up, bounty hunter.'”

Chapman spent decades hunting criminals before becoming famous for arresting Andrew Luster, the heir to the Max Factor cosmetics fortune, who was wanted for drugging and raping several women.

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