Some cities in the United States are becoming more and more chaotic and uncertain in their direction. At the same time that the Democratic rulers insist on policies of locking down merchants, destroying the economy, social and family ties, they choose to defund the police and free criminals and murderers. 

The disaster and bewilderment in certain U.S. cities as a result of the measures taken by Democratic politicians is unprecedented in modern history. The situation is truly chaotic. 

Cities like New York, which have already been hit hard by the crisis caused by the pandemic and deepened by the lockdown measures imposed by their politicians, have just announced that they will once again close their restaurants.

“Indoor dining will close in New York City starting Monday. Hospitalizations have not stabilized, and with a rising infection rate and NYC’s density, this means that indoor dining is too high of a risk.” New York’s governor said on Friday. 

The decision is made on the basis of metrics reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is continually being challenged, generating greater public outrage. 

New York City was one of the areas most affected by the virus and suffered strict lockdowns that closed businesses, schools, churches, and restaurants. In the last few months, micro advances were seen in reopening, for example restaurants, one of the most affected areas, were able to reopen to serve to 25% of their capacity. However, weeks later, they were closed again. 

The restaurant industry is very active in the New York economy, providing millions of dollars in income for the city, providing tens of thousands of jobs, and reactivating a large number of other industries.

Amid this chaotic situation, New York suffered violent protests throughout the year by leftist groups that unleashed destruction, looting, murder, and general insecurity. In response, the Democratic mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, announced the least expected: a fierce defunding of the police force of $1 billion, almost 20% of the security budget. 

What was experienced in New York was reflected in most Democratic-run cities. Such is the case for the city of Baltimore, which has just announced that as of Friday night, Dec. 11, it will force the closure of all restaurants both indoors and outdoors. The schools never reopened after the summer and neither did the churches, but nevertheless, there is an activity that seems to be “essential” to the government and never closed: drug trafficking.

At the same time that authorities threaten merchants, assuring them that they will be criminalized if they open their businesses “illegally,” they have released hundreds of dangerous criminals over the summer, to “protect them from the COVID,” they reported.

In San Francisco they are denouncing a very similar situation. It is known that restrictions there due to the pandemic are absurdly stringent. Authorities seek to instill fear of the virus with the complicity of the mass media, and then justify the imposition of restrictions and isolation. 

But at the same time that restrictions are increasing, so is violence, crime, drugs, and misery. But what are the authorities concentrating on? On criminalizing shopkeepers, children who do not wear mask, and religious people who visit churches. 

And so the United States is becoming a country where work, study, prayer, and family time are criminal activities, but violent protesters on the streets are applauded, drugs are accepted, and murderers are released. Everything is reversed.

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