With the imminent signing of a comprehensive trade treaty between the European Union (EU) and China, officials and legislators from France raised complaints against the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) use of forced labor. An inhuman practice in which the CCP uses prisoners of conscience to supply mass-produced goods for export.

For a long time, human rights activists in China have been documenting, denouncing, and campaigning to make leaders of the free world aware of the inhuman abuses of the CCP.

In early 2019, a video emerged of what appears to be a shot from a drone flying over an area of Xinjiang Province, where thousands of people with chained hands and feet can be seen being transported on trains. It was later learned that these prisoners were from the Uighur ethnic minority.

The video confirmed what had long been denounced: The CCP maintains forced labor camps where it uses prisoners of conscience to produce massive quantities of goods for export.

Similarly, in 1999 the CCP launched a genocidal campaign against practitioners of Falun Dafa, an ancient Chinese spiritual discipline, which had some 100 million adherents.

According to the website Minghui.org, which documents Falun Dafa’s persecution, more than 4,500 practitioners have died in police custody. However, due to heavy censorship and the difficulty of getting information from China, the number is exponentially higher.

Many practitioners who have managed to escape and gain asylum outside of China recollected their ordeals, making everything from Christmas decorations to chopsticks under unsanitary conditions.

While strong European Union leaders like Angela Merkel of Germany and Emmanuel Macron of France have spoken out in favor of the trade agreement and have not denounced the CCP’s record of human rights violations, a senior French trade official demanded that Beijing sign a binding treaty to abolish its forced labor camps.

“We cannot facilitate investment in China if we do not commit to abolishing forced labor,” Franck Riester, the minister delegate in charge of trade in the French foreign ministry, said in an interview with Le Monde. “Many countries share our positions, such as Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. I also know that Germany is very attached to these questions.”

The European Parliament passed a resolution on Dec. 17, that “China must end the forced labor schemes and mass incarcerations of ethnic minorities.”

French MEP Raphael Glucksmann used his Twitter account to express his anger at the silence of European leaders.

“A dictatorship signing international conventions not to respect them, that would not be new. … Parliament will not be fooled by a promise without concrete action from the Chinese regime (CCP). No investment agreement with the labor and slave camps.”

Breaking news from “sources close” to the agreement confirms that the agreement would be signed within 48 hours. Once again, “free world” leaders will have committed the sin of silence in the face of the massacre of millions of innocent lives under the dictatorship of the CCP.

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