Eric Adams, the Democratic Party’s candidate for Mayor of New York City who won the primary election, recently made it clear that his fight in the city will be against socialism, the movement within the party that is destroying the city.

In a video published by the New York Post on July 27, Adams assures that “I’m no longer running against candidates. I’m running against a movement. All across the country, the DSA (Democrats Socialists of America) socialists are mobilizing to stop Eric Adams.”

“They realize that if I’m successful, we’re going to start the process of regaining control of our cities,” the former cop said.

Despite being the Democrat candidate, Adams won the support of New York voters—who are 7 Democrats to 1 Republican—by campaigning to “refinance” the police, rather than “defund” them by showing the city’s disapproval of the policies of the current mayor, De Blasio, who stripped $1 billion from the police budget.

For Adams, socialists within the Democratic Party, who identify with Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, have ‘hijacked’ the party. He wants to show New Yorkers what it means to be a “progressive.”

The measures America’s socialists want to push, in addition to defunding the police, include closing prisons, raising taxes even more despite the fact that large numbers of wealthy people have left the state for Florida in search of a lower tax burden.

A reconciliatory candidate

Eric Adams called on voters of all parties or affiliations to join him in his mission to take back the city, putting partisanship aside and focusing on the well-being of all.

“We’re not going to let parties get in the way of this party called New York City,” the Democrat said. “Those of you in the room who are Republicans, tell your Republican friends to vote for Eric Adams. Independents, Democrats, no matter who you are—we are wearing the ‘Team New York’ jersey on this one.”

The former cop also favored reopening the economy and pushing the culture of hard work to make the city economically prosperous again.

“People have become soft. People don’t even want to go back to work,” he said. “This is a pivotal moment for us. If we don’t get our act together, China is going to show us how to run our country.”

The most important basis for Adams’ candidacy is security.

During Bill De Blasio’s tenure, crime soared in the Big Apple. According to a News10 report, while overall crime rose by more than 30 percent, shootings increased by as much as 166 percent.

Daily reports of people shooting each other in broad daylight have become commonplace under de Blasio’s watch.

“You don’t believe you can go to Times Square and not have a three-year-old child shot … You don’t believe you can go to the Department of Buildings and have a damn permit issued so you can open your restaurant,” Adams stated.

“You don’t believe it. But I’ll be damned—you’re going to start believing when I become the mayor of the city,” he added.

Adams has the support of Republican Councilman Eric Ulrich who is helping him in his campaign, a sign perhaps that New York City Republicans, given their policy affinity and opposition to socialism, may end up backing the Democratic candidate.

“I’ve been a fan of Eric Adams for a long time. He’s going to be a great mayor,” Ulrich said. “Eric is a common-sense guy. Other candidates ran for mayor. He wants to be mayor. He wants to be a larger-than-life mayor.”