The scandal over the trial of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, unexpectedly turns against Prince Andrew’s accuser, Virginia Giuffre, who also recruited minors to be sexually abused by international elite personalities.  

These facts were revealed by one of the witnesses in the Maxwell trial, Carolyn Andriano. She recounted confessions made by Giuffre about meetings with Prince Andrew in London and how he linked her to the group, according to the Jan. 8 Daily Mail.  

Andriano said in her testimony last month that Giuffre had told her about her meetings for dinner and “sleep with him” (Andrew) in London in 2001 when she was 17, which she was not forced to do. 

For this witness, Giuffre was not upset when she declared the encounters; on the contrary, “she thought it was pretty cool” and “couldn’t believe that she got to sleep with Prince Andrew.”

For this apparent complacency of Giuffre in these relationships, Andriano considers that the accuser does not deserve any compensation and then goes on to denounce her as part of the ring of recruitment of minors who were part of the pedophile network led by Epstein and Maxwell.

Andriano even goes further in her incriminations against Giuffre and considers that she should suffer similar legal treatment as Maxwell. The latter was found guilty of five of the six charges against her during the recent trial. 

In this regard, she states that she met Giuffre at 13 years old and that when aged 14, she was already recruited to be part of the “pyramid.” Furthermore, Giuffre admitted during the trial that she had led other girls to become part of the pedophile network.

When Giuffre considered it convenient, she invited her to “go and make some money,” to which Andriano agreed and visited Epstein at his home in Palm Beach, Florida, United States, to give him a “massage.” 

On that occasion, she also supplied her with “revealing” clothing and advised her, “whatever you do, don’t say your age.” She then witnessed Giuffre’s sexual relations with Epstein. Finally, Maxwell took her phone number and paid her $300. She subsequently attended meetings with Epstein many times.

These revelations by Andriano are supported by the fact that Giuffre received $500,000 from Epstein in 2009, pledging not to sue “potential defendants” for sexual abuse against him. 

For their part, Andrew’s lawyers argue that this agreement excludes Prince Andrew from Giuffre’s allegations against him. 

For Andrew, the situation remains serious, and apparently, his legal defense bills are such that he is being forced to sell a ski chalet in Switzerland, valued at $23 million. He may also settle with Giuffre to prevent the trial from ending with undesirable consequences. 

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