The Californian governor has announced the entire state of California is about to go into lockdown, with a “shelter in place” order, making it the first state in the nation to implement such an order. The shutdown is due to take effect on Friday morning.
The announcement was made on Thursday evening, March 19, and Gov. Gavin Newsom has called the situation “fluid,” and said it is an “open-ended” order, meaning there is no time frame applied to the order. In implementing the new rules, Newsom said it is hoped it will reduce the number of sick needing hospital beds, as at the moment if new figures are any indication, there won’t be enough hospital beds for those in need, so they need to act swiftly, reported Fox News 26.

“Home isolation is not my preferred choice, I know it is not yours, but it is a necessary one,” Newsom said.

The decision comes just after the city of San Francisco enacted the same rules, which match what Italy began doing last week after it was hit hard by CCP Virus cases.

New projections indicate around 56% of all Californians will eventually become infected with the virus, this equates to over 20 million people. The governor stated the next eight weeks are crucial in being able to contain the infection, and will soon be releasing a list of exempt and nonexempt businesses.

The “shelter in place” rules will be similar to those already implemented in some areas such as Fresno and the Bay area.

In the Fresno area, businesses under shutdown include anywhere large groups of people gather, such as bars, car dealers, indoor shopping centers, malls, and anywhere that requires people to be in close proximity to one another. This will mean any gatherings of more than 10 people outside their houses will not be permitted. If you work for any nonessential business you are required to stay home, leaving the house for shopping visits to the doctors or having a prescription filled. Walking or exercising the dog is also permitted, as long as residents practice social distancing with others. If you feel unwell, stay indoors.
These restrictions are now to apply to the whole of California.

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