It does not seem that Rosie Atchison is making much fuss over her birthday.

But her family sure is, and can you blame them?

Her birthday celebration transformed into a block party in Englewood since Atchison turned 100. She is 108 years old now.

Danny Davis, an Illinois congressman, even stopped by to celebrate with Atchison.

“She has been blind for a few years, but her mind is sharp. Her health is good,” Atchison’s granddaughter, Rosie Thornton said.

Shaneeta Sims said her great grandmother was “an inspiration.” 

“How many people can say I have a great-grandmother who is 108 years old?” Sims said.

Kalif Davenport, Atchison’s great-great-grandson said that her birthday was “a big number.” Atchison is the head of a big family.

Granddaughter Shakeeta Davenport said Atchison was teaching her “a lot about love and sharing and caring.”

Her great-niece, Marva Parker, said she was so pleased to spend time with Atchison.

“She is blessed to be,” Parker said.

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