Renowned U.S. attorney Sidney Powell, part of the Trump Campaign legal team, continued to reveal details about the Dominion Voting Systems company, this time about its possible destruction of compromising evidence. 

Powell added that Dominion is also creating a national security problem and that the apparent absence of the FBI in investigating this case was not understandable.

“It’s scary, and it’s a big national security problem,” Powell said. “Because the Department of Justice and the FBI have done nothing, Dominion is closing its offices and moving out. They’re definitely destroying documents,” she added, according to Townhall on Nov. 20. 

“God knows what else. More than 100 people from Dominion have removed any connection to Dominion from the Internet,” Powell said.

In an atmosphere heated in the United States by many signs of deception, citizens themselves have become defenders of their right to electoral transparency, providing the evidence at their fingertips.

In one case, attorney Lin Wood released a video delivered by Susan Knox, a Georgia citizen, in which she caught a ballot shredding company apparently destroying evidence in the Cobb County elections office.

Although she called the police twice, no one answered her request, and Knox even dared to follow the crushing company’s truck.  

No one knows for sure that the documents shredded actually compromise Dominion in the electoral fraud however, for Powell this company is linked to a large network of election interference. In particular, the use of the software from Smartmatic, directed by British Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, friend and associate of the controversial George Soros.

Powell’s statement that Dominion employees deleted their profiles on the networks was published by a Twitter user who also did his own research. 

Between Nov. 6 and Nov. 16, more than 40 percent of the profiles of Dominion employees had disappeared from the LinkedIn network, reducing the 243 people registered before to 140.

For Powell and her entire team, President Donald Trump has already won re-election by an unusual number of votes that were not made visible by the corruption that surrounds the electoral process, but which will soon be evident through the courts.

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