A 24-year-old Chinese dissident, now an activist living abroad, recounted the events of an investigation he conducted after Nov. 3, as he was shocked to go to bed satisfied that President Donald Trump was winning and learning upon waking that he had lost. 

Vinness Ollervides, the activist’s pseudonym, was intrigued to hear that printed ballots had been discovered in China, according to researcher Jennifer Zeng, on Dec. 30. 

He then called his contacts in China and obtained the details of a large printing house that also produced official stationery for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

After getting his friends to present a United States ballot to the printer’s representative, he was surprised by the printer’s confirmation that he had already printed many copies of the same model and that he still had a large amount to deliver. 

Looking at the samples they sent him from the printer, he had no doubt. They were samples from the states of Florida, North Carolina and Mississippi.

In order to generate confidence and demonstrate the supposed authenticity of his negotiating skills, Ollervides sent the Chinese company an advance of $5,000.

Likewise, he provided Zeng with the audio of his conversations with the producer in China and photos of the documents exchanged with the businessman in China. The businessman assured him that the lowest price was obtained when contracting for printing millions of copies, as was already done with his previous clients.

Continuing with the specifications of the possible contract, the seller explained to Ollervides that the number of ballots requested would be printed in three days, and to avoid checks at U.S. customs the material would enter through Canada.

Likewise, the printed ballots could be transported mixed with other items and merchandise.  In addition, that the ink and paper would be identical but that the same type of metal and anti-counterfeit markings were not available. 

After relating other details, Ollervides confided to Zeng that he only ordered 5,000 ballots to be printed and sent them to the White House with his story. On the other hand, he was discouraged that no media wanted to hear his version of these events. 

Like Ollervides, many people have contributed photos, videos and other evidence of the scandalous fraud that thwarts the U.S. presidential election process.

Despite the demands of the Trump campaign’s legal team, in which foreign interference involving the Communist Party of China, Russia and Iran appears, the response of the judicial system has been practically absent. 

Nevertheless, the patriotic effervescence is only increasing, and it is predicted that the events of next week can only lead to the declaration of the re-election of President Trump, for four more years in the White House.