Amid the distrust generated by the election process mired in a host of fraud allegations, an independent investigator found that hundreds of thousands of votes were diverted from President Donald Trump to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. 

Blogger Nick Chase took the trouble to investigate the critical moment during the first night of the vote count in the state of Virginia, when the process was stopped and when analyzing the count codes he found fraud, as he related in his Nov. 23 American Thinker article.

Chase used information from the website for his investigations, and also followed the example of blogger PedeInspector who discovered fraud in the voting in these same states but without going into detail.

During Chase’s follow-up to the data he provided on the first night of the election, The New York Times found that hundreds of thousands of votes were discounted from the total recorded in President Trump’s name, and hundreds of thousands of other votes were recorded in record time in Biden’s name to overcome the advantage that the president already had.

“By my calculations this means that some 479,337 fraudulent votes were created for Biden,” Chase said. 

Then at 12:12 a.m. on Nov. 4, Chase noted that 373,462 votes were lost. They always get bigger, because the votes are counted and added to the totals all the time,” he explained.

In addition to proving his suspicions of fraud true, Chase also shared his patriotic motivation.

“The point is that the U.S.A. won’t survive as a free country without honest elections. The evidence I have shown here, by itself, should be sufficient to say that the Virginia 2020 election has been irredeemably corrupted, and the results should not be certified,” Chase wrote.

He also added, “And if they are certified, they should be contested in court. And a criminal investigation should be opened to identify and prosecute the vote thieves, and when they’re found guilty, they should be put in jail for a long, long time.” 

In the absence of large media outlets and their refusal to report on election fraud, many citizens make their own input and collection of evidence, which is available to individuals or agencies that do have the capacity to file legal claims with them.

The Trump campaign has found and taken to court many cases in defense of the transparency that is due to the democratic integrity of the nation, and it is hoped that the will of the voters will be respected.

In a fair election process, re-election would be safe, the Republican legal team argues, and since that was not possible, the final decision would be left to the high courts and the Supreme Court. 

It seems that this is not only the interference of which the Democratic Party is accused, but also its alliances with countries that are contrary to U.S. interests, such as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

According to reports provided by the intelligence services, the CCP wants Biden to be the winner.

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