Dr. Eric Coomer, vice president of Dominion Voting Systems that allegedly fraudulently passed votes from President Trump to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, warned in 2016 that vendors and election officials could manipulate the results.  

Coomer was responsible for Strategy and Security at Dominion Voting Systems and told the Illinois State Board of Elections that the election systems software was accessible, according to The Gateway Pundit of Nov. 13, 2020. 

The systems must be recertified each time they make changes to the hardware or software, which is a very costly process, in which Dominion does not recertify itself.

It seems that none of the systems used throughout the United States comply with the recertifications, which, in any case, does not prevent them from being manipulated from the software.

In response to claims that Dominion’s systems were transferring votes from Trump to Biden and eliminating them, businessman Joe Oltmann investigated Coomer’s profile. He found that he is vehemently opposed to President Trump.

Besides, Coomer tried to misinform about the terrorist group antifa, downplaying its importance. 

An internet sleuth found Coomer’s Facebook post where he wrote that President Trump is a “fascist” and that he represents the “worse of humanity.” He also claims antifa is not an organization and has no “structure,” according to NewsPushed.

We know this is a lie. Presumably, Coomer has access to Dominion’s backend now. What might he and others of such ilk be capable of with such a mindset of hatred?

Twitter removed Oltmann’s account investigating Coomer, his far-left background, and his role at Dominion reported The Gateway Pundit.

Oltmann transmitted all the information he found through Twitter. His Twitter account was suspended on Nov. 12. 

Now, it seems, Dominion has hired a public relations firm “for damage control,” reported NewsPushed. 

In 2016 Coomer reported in a video that still appears on YouTube that Dominion’s systems are vulnerable.

On that occasion, Sharon Meroni, from the organization Defend the Vote, questioned him about the vote-counting systems, and to whom Coomer affirmed that they could be manipulated.

Meroni pointed out to Coomer, “Bypassing the election systems software means whoever has access can potentially manipulate the vote without many risks of detection. So the question needs to be asked, who has access to these data tables?

To which Coomer responded, “‘Vendors, election officials, and others who need to be granted access.”

Meroni exclaimed, “This is explosive information!”

Journalist Jordan Schachtel published several tweets commenting on this case.

“A journalist was suspended by this platform yesterday for surfacing alleged Facebook posts showing Coomer was an antifa supporter and that he appeared to be calling for violence against President Trump,” Schachtel wrote.

Schachtel added, “Dominion has invested in damage control & is taking several steps to bolster its reputation.”

He added, “They have revamped their entire website in order to address ‘rumors,’ while actively scrubbing the internet of any mention of Coomer. Clearly, they have hired a PR firm to do this work.’” 

Likewise, the author Alex Stevens wrote, “That’s why it is our duty as citizens to pass on this information. Only when the majority of Americans recognize this election had the potential for systemic fraud can we then right the wrong in the courts and begin to heal.”

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