The number of ballots questioned by lawyers who work intensely for electoral transparency in the United States increased by 412,000, this time due to the action of specialized lawyer Sidney Powell against the state of Arizona.

As a result, Powell is asking Gov. Doug Ducey, and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, to decertify the election results and to issue an emergency order to seize the voting machines, the founder of the Strong Communities Foundation, Merissa Hamilton, said in a tweet on Dec. 2.

The 53-page lawsuit also requests a court order preventing the governor from transmitting to the Electoral College the already certified results of the apparent victory of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

According to the experts’ report, at least 412,494 votes were counted despite being affected by different causes of rejection. With these arguments, there is sufficient support to overcome the narrow margin of only 10,457 votes, equivalent to 0.3 points, with which he was certified as the winner in Arizona.

The legal claims presented by the campaign representing President Donald Trump and other groups of lawyers cover several million illegally counted votes, which if eliminated would allow for re-election of the president by a very wide margin.

The Democrats may be directly responsible for the great wave of fraud that is shaking the electoral process in the United States.

Moreover, their future policies seem to contemplate relaxing electoral restrictions that allow some security in the integrity of the electoral process, as Daily Caller journalist Greg Price reported in a tweet.

“For those concerned about voter fraud: If the Democrats win the Georgia Senate elections, the first thing they will do is destroy the filibuster and pass the Heroes Act, which eliminates the voter identification requirement and legalizes vote collection across the country,” Price wrote.

In response to Price the Twitter user @EUnenchanted reported that the restrictions imposed by Democratic leaders, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are already being experienced in California.

“We already have that here in Kalifornistan. Now the rest of the nation will know what it is like to live under the Pelosi Family Crime Regime,” said @EUnenchanted.

He added, “It’s a pity that you can’t see our good climate, it almost makes apathy acceptable. Good luck!”

Joining in this conversation was @AlbanoRocchino, providing a dark prediction of what could happen if the policies of the Democrats continue to be implemented.

“Exactly, and when this country has no chance to vote except for one party, this will be the scary part and people will realize what has happened and it will be too late. It will be no different from China, Russia and Venezuela,” he warned.


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