More than 2,000 Arizona residents responded as volunteers to the call issued seeking help for the electoral audit of Maricopa County from the official page of the Arizona Senate Liaison.

The team communicated this through its War Room, explaining through its Twitter account part of the procedures followed with these spontaneous collaborators on May 27. 

“Over 2,000 AZ residents responded to the call for volunteers. 750+ have cleared the background screening process and over 600 have already completed orientation and training. The audit continues!”

The website explains, “Under the direction of The Honorable Ken Bennett, former Arizona Secretary of State, an audit is underway to ensure transparency and integrity in the Maricopa County, AZ 2020 election audit,” states the website of the team in charge of the investigation. 

It adds, “Thank you for your interest in election integrity and our audit efforts. To volunteer, please visit” 

Hopefully, with the help of these volunteers, the audit will progress more quickly, although, for the auditors, accuracy is more important than speed in this sensitive mission. 

They have already counted more than 800,000 ballots, and if the pace increases, they could be delivering the results by the end of June. 

Conservative businessman and supporter of former President Trump, Mike Lindell, claims that Trump won the Maricopa County (Arizona) presidential election by 80,000 votes.

“What’s nice about the evidence I already have, I know the outcome of Arizona. I can tell everyone now … Maricopa County—Donald Trump won that county. It’s 80K votes. That flips the whole state to Donald Trump and Arizona was actually almost half a million votes,” Lindell told Steve Bannon last week. 

Moreover, the Arizona audit results coupled with those of audits also being conducted in other states could be overwhelming because of potential irregularities found. 

“These states are just gonna help with what we already have, what’s gonna go to the Supreme Court in 5-6 weeks. As you know, I’ve been putting it out there, putting it out there, putting it out there,” Lindell told Bannon.

In this context, for software engineer Jordan, the large influx of volunteers signifies the obvious need for transparency among citizens. 

“Obviously there’s a demand for transparency. This is more volunteers than participants at any Biden rally,” tweeted @Jordan_here.

Many Americans are already showing their impatience to know the results of the exhaustive investigation requested by the Arizona state Senate and endorsed by a judge, despite the relentless attacks by Democrats trying to prevent it.  

“What is taking so damn long It is one county!” user @FrankCoulson7 expressed in response to the volunteers’ announcement.

Others thank and encourage the task force to keep going, as the user identified on his Twitter account as @int_independent said.

“What you folks are doing is extremely significant for the people of the United States as well as the rest of the free and law-abiding world. Thank you !” he wrote. 

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