After Dominion Voting Systems CEO John Poulos testified under oath that the vote-counting machines used in Antrim County, Michigan, were not connected to the internet, Europol and the FBI analyzed data seized from a website used by criminals.

The two entities obtained a seizure order from the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, and the results of their investigation could have severe implications for Poulos, according to The Marshall Report of Dec. 22. 

“The analysis of the seized data and the international investigations regarding the operators and users of the network will be continued,” the Marshall Report website warns.

Poulos swore that Dominion’s machines in Antrim County were not connected to the internet. He also said the fraud allegations were “more than strange” and “dangerous.”

The legal team that defends electoral transparency in the United States in their lawsuits mention Dominion Voting Systems as guilty of fraudulently transferring votes from President Donald Trump to Democratic candidate Joe Biden. 

Dominion may have used the websites seized by Europol and the FBI:,, and, which through virtual private networks (VPN), sell their services to criminals.

These sites use a proxy network up to five layers deep, trying to cover up as much as possible their clients’ criminal activities. 

The dismantling of the international network was done through the European Multidisciplinary Platform against Criminal Threats (EMPACT), states The Marshall Report. 

Likewise, the plaintiff lawyers of the electoral fraud found evidence that Dominion’s equipment was connected via the internet to a network of servers connected to several countries, including Germany and Spain.

More seriously, dangerous interference by foreign powers such as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Russia, and Iran in the U.S. presidential election process is alleged.

Lawyer Lin Wood, who is thoroughly investigating the electoral fraud presented in the country, pointed out the links between Dominion and the CCP, according to several of his tweets. 

“Good morning! It is a blessing to wake up in America. It is a blessing to be an American. It is a blessing to be free. The American Dream will NEVER be destroyed by the Chinese Communist Party,” Wood wrote in a tweet. 

He added, “Our country is at war with Communist China. They attacked us with COVID & DOMINION.”

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